Born to Perform

High performance

The Air8 Processor is simply the best in class in its category.

Its 4 high performance cores and the 4 low power consumption ones are fully synchronized to burst its performance to the top.

Its graphics and computing performance is truly impressive thanks to the embedded PowerVP6320 GPU

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Enter your world

A full immersion in your senses

GOO Air 8 is equipped with a Retina 9,7 screen with a full HD 2048 x 1536 resolution and a 300 Lumens brightness

Get a full immersion in your senses thanks to the ultra-narrow bezel screen design.


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Capture, Share, Connect

Stay open and connected to the world

Thanks to its 13MP camera and its 4K resolution videos (4096×2160 pixels) GOO Air 8 will capture your memories with professional quality.


Store, exchange without limit with with the multiple connections Bluetooth, WiFi MicroUSB 3.0 or with the microSD slot.

Brand it for you !

Personalize your tablet

Reward your team and your top customers with a powerful instrument:

GOO can offer its tablets as brand-free product for your for full professional customization.

Add your logo on the back of the tablet and upload your preferred applications.

Unlimited use

No limit to your applications

The Android 4.4 operating system give access to an extended catalogue of more than 1,3 Million applicationsIt is the most popular OS and you will easily find the application for your feetime relax or to simplify your daily tasks.

GOO design team propose you to develop tailor made applications to answer the specific needs of your activity by complementing your Hardware and Software.