Let’s Goo for innovation !

The edge of technology

GooBusiness is constantly looking for a new ways to use the latest technologies to improve your mobility. Portable objects that are always connected, pratical to use and high performing.

From the universal power bank to the latest generation of Phablets we constantly reinvent the tools of tomorrow.


Designed to Goo..

Born to be mobile

Tablets, Power Banks, Bluetooth speakers, our products are designed to fit the need for mobility of today’s lifestyle.

Mobility and connectivity are the distinctive building blocks of GooBusiness DNA.

Mobility is the core of new trends and needs, it is the base for our approach to innovation.

Style & Elegance

Style & Elegance

GooBusiness takes special care in the design of the products to make sure they will fit perfectly into your universe.

Easy to talk about your brand !

Tailored to your needs

Goo propose its product for branding service to professionals and companies. You can get advantage of high quality products to promote a modern and innovating image to the customers and internet public.
Do you need a custom application tailored to your needs? GooBusiness can design it for you.