Bluetooth Speakers

Let your preferred music play in any circumstances with GOO Bluetooth speaker with built in Tuner function. Connect it with your mobile and tablet or use it in independently by plugging an SD card  with your audio collection.

Setup a conference call without effort thanks to the built in microphone.

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PowerBank with Bluetooth Selfie Kit

GOO Selfie pack includes a 5200 mAh Power Bank to charge your portable device (iPhone, iPad, cameras, HTC, SAMSUNG, Blackberry, Nokia, PSP, MP3/MP4 player,..) on the road.
The GOO5200 S2 battery incorporate a bluetooth remote control for your mobile phone’s camera.
Just mount your mobile on the 112 cm periscope included in the pack and your selfie will be a success !

Bluetooth Headset

Ergonomy, design and discretion are the key words to describe the Bluetooth headset Goo.

Take your phone call in full security and comfort.

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As most of GOO products, all GOO Bluetooth models can be customized with the color and logo of your company.
Leave an useful trace of your company presence at your customers and partners.