Connect big, connect small

USB Key double-connector

Simplify the data transfer among all your devices (mobile phones, tablets, PC) with our multi-connector USB Key including one standard USB and one Micro USB plugs. GOO double-connector USB Keys are available up to 64Go capacity.

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Colors, Shapes, and more...

Goo propose different USB key models with multiple colors and shapes.

Do you want to design your own USB Key? Goo can support your project.

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All your life in a pocket

Discover our high capacity USB keys that can storage up to 256Go data. 

Pictures, music, videos, documents: all the data you need protected and accessible at any time !

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Customize it

As most of GOO products, all GOO Bluetooth products can be personalized with your company logo.
Leave an useful trace of your company presence at your customers and partners.